[NTLK] OT: MobileMe

Ryan newtontalk at me.com
Sat Feb 20 12:52:53 EST 2010


Just wondering if there are any other MobileMe users out there?  I got finished setting everything up over the past week, and am pretty happy.  However, there are some tricks and things to implement to really make it all work well.  For starters, uploading files to iDisk via the Finder is really slow, and I don't use the iDisk sync because I don't want to be syncing from MobileMe>my computer.  I just want to sync a couple of folders from my computer>MobileMe.  The way some people do it is to sync their iDisk to their computer, and just use those files/folders instead of using the standard OS X file system. 

At any rate, dragging and dropping files to iDisk via the Finder is painfully slow.  So is having an automated file copy to iDisk via an Automator script. 

So I authored a better Automator script for MobileMe: it automates the copy of just a select few folders over to iDisk via Transmit.  Transmit is so much faster than the Finder for uploading files to iDisk, and you can select just the files and folders you want to sync.  I set it up as an iCal plugin, so it runs every week.  I can change the frequency in iCal.  It only copies over those files that have been modified within the last 2 weeks.  This means that it will not copy over all of the files every time the script runs.  It is working pretty well.  No need for an external hard drive now.  Although for movies and other larger files, the external hard drive is still not obsolete. 

Another great feature of MobileMe is the ability to use Email aliases.  You can have up to 5.  That means you can hide your real address when, for example, you want to sign up for some service or online account.  All mail comes into your main MobileMe inbox.  No need to use other junker addresses from Yahoo, etc.  When you start getting too much spam, just delete the alias and the mail stops coming in. 

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