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> And at the same time they claim that tape drives are not in use any more yet I
> use a DLT tape drive at work to
backup more than 300 GB of data each day...

Personally, I suspect he used some kind of random text generator that
produces predicates about techie stuff, and then assigned those predicates
using some other random process.

And what alternative universe does he live in, that he could say "Transistor
radios typically only picked up on the AM band and were a ubiquitous sight
in schools and businesses in the seventies"?  In my universe, transistor
radios could be found in the shirt pockets (and hollowed out books) of high
school students by the late '50s and early '60s, and I got my first AM/FM
transistor radio for a Christmas present in 1963.  It fit neatly in an old
useless book I found second-hand once I cut out the middle of it, and in the
days before Walkmans, CD players and MP3 players, it was an essential part
of growing up.  (Yeah I know, vandalizing that book still bothers me, but at
that age I just wanted to take my radio to school.)   By the end of that
decade AM-only transistors weren't common where I was except in older cars.


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