[NTLK] Considering this as a 2100 Bag

James Fraser wheresthatistanbul-newtontalk at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 17 23:58:52 EST 2010


--- On Wed, 2/17/10, G. Isten <gisela at tariffenet.it> wrote:

> If you don't need a shoulder strap (and a simple handle will do for you), 
> you may want to have a look at this plain external HD case from 
> CaseLogic:

If that handle is of you-can-swing-the-case-over-yer-head-with-it durability, (is it?) a couple of carabiners (preferably of the screwgate variety) and a length of Nylon webbing with a loop at both ends could allow you to retrofit your own shoulder strap to it.

Likewise, a luggage or travel store might sell a ready-made strap with spring-loaded clips you could simply snap onto the handle and....Bob's your uncle.


James Fraser

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