[NTLK] Considering this as a 2100 Bag

James Fraser wheresthatistanbul-newtontalk at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 17 22:44:33 EST 2010


> On 2010/02/17 21:59, Tony Kan >at tonykan at xtra.co.nz wrote ~~~

> Is there anyone on the list who has bought a holster of any sort and can 
> give us some feedback?

(If you have no interest in holsters, you can stop reading here.) :)

This reminds me: if anyone on the list is pals with the eholster folks, (or is interested in a holster-type arrangement) they might put in a query about the number of units it takes to interest them in so-called custom case work.

I mention this because I attempted to wring such a number out of them myself late last year, without success.  The response I got was, "We don't normally do custom case work. However, if it's for a device that many people may be using we may look into it."

The word "many" being a form of the word "some," I asked if they could please narrow things down a bit by citing a number (the one I threw at them purely as an example was 100 units).  Alas, they never responded to this. :( 

I did, however, learn that they do have a couple of examples left of a holster that *will* fit the Newton.  Unfortunately, when I pressed them as to the exact model it will fit (they seemed to be under the impression there was only one model) the answer they came back with was "H1000" (the OMP).

So....if anyone on the list is still carting around an OMP and would like to pick up a shoulder holster-type rig for it, they might be in luck; the "Handheld PC" case is the one to ask for.

At any rate, the eholster folks seemed to be surprised that "the need for an Apple Newton case would even exist, seeing the product is no longer being made."  For all I know, they could be entirely right, but I thought I'd throw this stuff out there, anyway, just on the off chance (the off-off chance?) it could be of use. [shrugs]


James Fraser 

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