[NTLK] SuperNotes and StandAlone Software

Forrest Buffenmyer anasazi4st at me.com
Wed Feb 17 12:08:54 EST 2010

Based on the recommendations of others here on NewtonTalk, I installed some new packages on my MP2100. One of these I'm growing more and more fond of is SuperNotes. For one, the ability to encrypt reference-type notes that include things like logon names and passwords (and other semi-sensitive data) is invaluable and makes me feel better about the safety of the machine I tote around with me daily.

As the end of my free trial approached I went to the StandAlone website yesterday to purchase SuperNotes. So far, the experience I have had has been less than satisfactory.

First off, all went well with the credit card processing...the site had said that registratiion emails are normally sent out immediately after the purchase has been completed. But, the window that came up after the purchase had gone through told me it could be "two business days" before I should expect the registration email. This is not good, as that means I'll be out of my trial period...and, if I have to wait at least two days to receive this email, it's hardly a 30 day trial...more like a 25 or 28 day trial.

It's been 24 hours now...and admittedly it's still a bit early to enter panic mode...but this is disconcerting. Sorry, but I'm a little picky about this kind of thing...you have my money, why can't I have my registration code (or serial number)?

What other experiences has anyone else had with StandAlone?


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