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Matt Howe matthowe at comcast.net
Wed Feb 17 00:11:25 EST 2010

To my knowledge, which is admittedly limited, there is not the same level of
innovation for the DSi as there is for the DS. Nor do the same devices and
software work on the DSi. I can only attest to the DS. But I will say it is
fascinating to drive down the road with the DS in sniffer mode. I would say
that fully one half of all residential wireless routers have no security.
The DS is sensitive enough that it will locate at least twice as many
hotspots as the Newton can detect. It will also tell you if it is 802.11b or
g. A nifty little device for more than playing video games. Of course there
are a lot of free video games out there too.

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Diane Roll wrote:
Does this work with a DSi?


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