[NTLK] Public WiFi

Matt Howe matthowe at comcast.net
Tue Feb 16 20:43:19 EST 2010

Actually, the prices have since come down. My flash card went belly up so I
replaced it with a new style cart that holds a micro SD. I got the cart, 4gb
SD, USB card reader and shipping for less than $20 US. If you have a DS, you
should definitely be hacking it. I now have an 8 gb micro SD and I carry the
entire Wikipedia, less images, around in my DS. And that only takes up half
of the SD. I have two Bible apps for a total of 6 translations, a quotes
wiki, an open source dictionary, 100 of my favorite mp3's, 3 hours of
television and a movie. Oh yeah, and a wifi sniffer. And I still have room.
If you want to know more, contact me off list.

Matt (Ducky) Howe
Owner of a MP2000U and an Emate
SantaMatt at Gmail.com (Nokia N770)
matthowe at comcast.net (Desktop)

James Fraser wrote:
If you're a Nintendo DS owner I've been led to understand that those can
make decent wireless sniffers:

>I also have a sniffer. I use a Nintendo DS with a Superkey cartridge,
>flash card adapter and some free software off the internet. It finds SSID,
>signal strength, channel in use and what security is in use.

IIRC, Matt Howe (the author of the above) indicated that for about $50 in
accessories, you can endow your Nintendo DS with the capabilities he
outlines above.

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