[NTLK] Public WiFi

Forrest Buffenmyer anasazi4st at me.com
Mon Feb 15 15:11:03 EST 2010

There's several similar ones on eBay for about $58 USD...and all 'across the pond" from me in GB, looks like....

Search in eBay for item # 260261355287.


>The one I have is this:
> but it appears to be a discontinued product now.  But this at least gives
>you an idea of what to look for.  At about 10cm long it's a bit larger than
>one might like but for what it is, that's forgivable.  Less forgivable is
>the $80-ish list price, but I managed to get it in a liquidation sell-off
>for less than half that price.
>So start here and search for similar products that still are being marketed.
>For example, go here <http://tinyurl.com/ylb5n26> and use the links they

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