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Mon Feb 15 11:47:25 EST 2010


Thanks very much for the reply. 

--- On Sat, 2/13/10, Woody Smith <woodysmith at comcast.net> wrote:

> No procedure here, but from the list FAQ 1.3 os can send fax not receive.
You're right.  I wish I could say I read the hardware portion of the Newton FAQ:


...and took it all in, but I can't.  If I had, I would have realized that the "send and receive" capability the Fax field of the table gives both the Harris SuperTech 2000 and the MP120b *only* applies if the device in question is running NOS 2.0 and not 1.3 as some of the devices apparently do.  

At any rate, now that I *do* know that the early models of the MessagePad could only send (and not receive) faxes, I find myself wondering how much of a deal-killer this might have been for aspiring early adopters. 

> Newton OS 2.0 manual on page 263
> "5. To reply to a fax, tap the Tag button. Write
> information on the fax and send it with your annotations."

Sounds pretty idiot-proof: I'll let you know what kind of luck I have when I can get my hands on my own MP120.


Does anyone know if any of the Megahertz PCMCIA modems will work with an MP120 (assuming it's running 2.0)?  I ask because the UNNA entry for the driver for the 14.4 model:


...lists the 130 as the earliest "supported" model.  However, has anyone had any luck using such a modem with a MP 120 despite its not being on the list?

I guess I'm not clear on why it wouldn't work with an MP120 running NOS 2.0 when according to the list, it will work with an MP 130 running NOS 2.0.  Is there a hardware limitation I'm overlooking in the MP120?  The only difference I can recall in the 130 is the backlight and greater heap space.  Is the latter, perhaps, why that modem won't work in the 120?  [scratches head]

I can't remember if the Megahertz modem I have is the 14.4K or the 56K model, but I'm guessing that if the earlier 14.4K model won't work with the 120, I can hardly expect the later model to work with it: drat.


James Fraser

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