[NTLK] Update on memory card FAQ

Frank Gruendel newtontalk at pda-soft.de
Fri Feb 12 16:07:22 EST 2010

Hi gang,

two updates to the FAQ I posted yesterday:

Q: Talking of shipping: How much is it?

A: Only what I pay at the post office. The following prices assume a purchase of one card. Prices
will be slightly (but not much) higher if you buy more than one. 


0.90 Euros (no insurance, your risk)
6.00 Euros (insured)

Europe (air mail):

1,25 Euros (no insurance, your risk)
6,35 Euros (insured, not possible to all countries)

World (air mail):

2,20 Euros (no insurance, your risk)
7.30 Euros (insured, not possible to all countries)

Unfortunately DHL does no longer offer insurance for letters sent to the USA. The cheapest (and
only) way left would be an insured DHL parcel, which would cost almost 50 bucks for shipping alone.
So I'm afraid insurance is not an option anymore for the USA.


Q: I do not have a dongle, and I'd rather not buy one since they aren't exactly cheap. Can you
install Ethernet drivers and solve my  bootstrap problem?

A: Yes, no problem. However...

The card would have all the drivers on board as a Newton backup. This is because some of them cannot
be installed on a card, but must be installed in the internal memory. The only way to copy them to
another Newton is by backing up a Newton with installed drivers to a card and restore this backup to
another Newton. Although backups can be restored selectively, there's a chance that the current data
on your Newton might be harmed, so if there's anything on your Newton that you can't live without,
it would make sense to back it up to another card first before you restore the backup from the card
I sent.

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