[NTLK] Help with eMate (been away a while, and...)

Wright, Chris Chris.Wright at harpercollins.co.uk
Thu Feb 11 09:42:18 EST 2010


Thanks for your responses:

Joel: checked already, but it sometimes happens when the eMate is just
sitting on the table. It only does it when processing something (as
opposed to just sitting there switched on), which leads me into thinking
it is software related rather than something physical. The trouble is
that it sometimes happens when I'm doing something to it physically -
hitting the power button to wake it from sleep, pushing a card in, etc.

To precis your email:
Actual loss of power = Display calibration
Reset button = Display calibration
System reset = no Display calibration
Removal of ata card without proper dismount = no Display calibration

I get both, but I haven't been scientific enough to note what I get, and
what I've done to initiate the restart. I'll start a log...

Don: thanks - I'll give it a try once I get the restarting issues sorted


Ps. Nice to see Ferdy being mentioned again in such glowing terms. It's
like I hadn't been away for six years...
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