[NTLK] Using a standard PS/2 Keyboard on a MP2100

James Fraser wheresthatistanbul-newtontalk at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 10 22:25:11 EST 2010


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> Does someone know if it's possible to use a standard PS/2 keyboard (with > the appropriate cable/dongle) in a MP 2100?

Possible, yes.  Probable?  Well, that's where it gets a bit tricky...

Frank Gruendel's site has a review of a device know as the FreeKey (say it fast):


...which does allow you to do what you're looking to do (albeit not very smoothly and practically according to the review).

However, it seems that few FreeKeys were ever made and, so far as I know, even Frank Gruendel himself was never able to get hold of one for his own Newton collection (please feel free to contradict me if this is incorrect, Mr. Gruendel).  The one featured in the review was loaned to him by another collector.

Believe me, I'd love a FreeKey myself, as I have always entertained fantasies about using a Model M keyboard with a Newton.  Alas, I spent some time years ago trying to track one down, to no avail.  I've never seen one surface on the list, either.  Anyone selling one could probably name their own price: they're that hard to come by.

So, as near as I can make out, they are made of Unobtainium. :(  However, if someone else has worked out a hack, doubtless they will tell us about it. :)


James Fraser

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