[NTLK] Trying to find this error number

Simon Bell simonbell at me.com
Wed Feb 10 04:33:34 EST 2010

On 9 Feb 2010, at 19:51, Mike Rodgers wrote:

> I get the following error.
> 214847916
> It happens in QuickFigure Pro v.4.
> Any ideas.  I could not find it in the error databases.

You have to delve into the C workings of the OS to understand this.

The Newton exception mechanism passes only one value up the exception  
chain (along with the exception’s name and destructor) -- (void *)  
data. That is what gets reported when the exception finally makes it  
to the NewtonScript layer.

However, that data value can be interpreted in a number of ways  
depending on the type of exception; as a text message, or as a pointer  
to a frame that contains an 'errorCode slot, for example. But by  
default it is interpreted as an error number.

That’s what’s happening here: a pointer to an object is being  
misreported as an error number. It won’t help you find the source of  
the error, I’m afraid.


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