[NTLK] Off Topic - New Podcast Announcement - The iPad Possibilities Podcast

Timothy Chaten tchaten at gmail.com
Sat Feb 6 14:42:04 EST 2010

I wanted to let the NewtonTalk Community know about a new podcast I got
started last week called, The iPad Possibilities Podcast, found at

or in iTunes at -

(Also search iPad Possibilities in Facebook to join the Fan Page)

This shows goal is to inspire software and hardware developers to move the
iPad to another level by expanding the thoughts and ideas as to what this
device can do.  In the first episode there is a discussion on Music
Education and the iPad and next weeks show is entitled "The iPad iPhone"

I hope everyone enjoys the show - and if you would like any topics covered
please let me know.

I still love my Newts but am very passionate and excited by what the iPad
could mean for everyone.

Thanks in Advance


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