[NTLK] "Training" the newton's handwriting recognition

Larry Yaeger lsynt3 at beanblossom.in.us
Fri Feb 5 00:39:29 EST 2010

At 11:50 PM -0500 2/4/10, Jeremy O'Brien wrote:
>So I have to ask, do you use a Newton today? ;)

Oh dear, I hate to admit it here on NewtonTalk, but no, I don't.  For a very long time now my work has required me to have a laptop computer pretty much full time, no matter where I go, so my life kind of transitioned to that some time ago.  I still have a great fondness of and appreciation for the Newton, quite aside from the HWR.  And it makes me quite happy to see such a thriving community around it, with good people helping each other out and overcoming some pretty serious obstacles (hardware problems, bugs and limitations in the OS, you name it) to its continued use, and even extending its use substantially (into WiFi and such).  I don't read every post to NewtonTalk (it has a LOT of traffic!), but I do kind of scan the subjects and see what's going on, see if there are any HWR questions, or the like.  I also found the recent iPad discussion interesting.  Anyway, please don't take my personal usage patterns as anything special or in any way disrespectful of the Newton or the Newton community.

- larryy

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