[NTLK] Newton MP2100 leather carrying bag

Forrest Buffenmyer anasazi4st at me.com
Thu Feb 4 12:10:41 EST 2010

 Woody, Stephen and Jeremy, et al:

Thanks for the responses. Does anyone remember what brand this bag was, or who made it?

Yes, I was quite pleased to have snagged it...now let's see what it actually looks like when it arrives next week.



>On Thursday, February 04, 2010, at 09:02AM, "Woody Smith" <woodysmith at comcast.net> wrote:
>Very nice buy.  These used to go for $60+ on ebay when they showed up,  
>and very rarely.
>I had one, it was quite nice gave the 2100 with keyboard a laptop like  
>functionality/.  I sold it because it didn't fit my lifestyle.
>Might have been called Newton portfolio or Newton briefcase.

>On Feb 4, 2010, at 9:38 AM, Forrest Buffenmyer wrote:
>> I've just purchased a leather carrying case for my Newton MP2100  
>> from an eBay listing. There are no identifying marks on it...I  
>> searched Google Images and found nothing. I'm curious if anyone in  
>> the Newton universe has ever seen anything like this (maybe you even  
>> own one like it).

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