[NTLK] Two part question

SteveCraft steve at craftsathome.net
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I got a stowaway keyboard and a Newtway but have not yet had time to plug it
in. It is quieter than the stock Apple MP keyboard.

Anyway, when I take notes I am in my daily scrum stand-up meeting (15
minutes of app developer phun) and just write. With ProPoint (it's a
Landware app, came with WordSleuth IIRC) hand-writing is sped up because
manus can be built for common functions; to get today's date in YYYYMMDD
format, I tap the caret and tap 'today' and it's there. HWR is good at
getting my repetitive writing of '24.2-T-12:0' (means story 24.2, task 12,
zero hours).

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Try the Palm Stowaway keyboard ($5 on Ebay) w/ an adaptor from the estimable
Doug Parker (http://www.ispinn.com/Newtway/).

You can take notes very quickly by deferring recognition.  Quicker still by
writing as free sketches.  Not quick enough?  Overclock your Newt:
http://planetstephanie.net/?s=overclock ($5 in parts).

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1. I hear about a lot of people using their MP2x00's for note-taking of
various sorts. Is it safe to assume that all of you use the external
newton keyboard? HWR is nice, but it isn't exactly the fastest input
method around...>>


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