[NTLK] Two part question

Woo vitcitylb at earthlink.net
Wed Feb 3 02:50:41 EST 2010

1. I use the HWR->text if the Newton is on a firm steady surface.
2. When I move around I use 'sketches' and keep it in my messy sloppy scribbles, then convert to text when I have time.

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>1. I hear about a lot of people using their MP2x00's for note-taking of
>various sorts. Is it safe to assume that all of you use the external
>newton keyboard? HWR is nice, but it isn't exactly the fastest input
>method around...
>2. I have an external newton keyboard, but some of the keys require
>great force to register (i, o, p), while at least both of my shift keys
>do not work at all. Does anyone have any ideas as to how I might be able
>to fix this and get more use out of my messagepad? So far I've been
>using my emate to take notes, but obviously the messagepad is more
>portable and faster. :)
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