[NTLK] Connection Stopped- No Response

Amy Rose-Perkins mightyamy at gmail.com
Tue Feb 2 21:31:10 EST 2010

I just purchased an emate off of ebay.
I have a male-male 8 pin serial cable, a keyspan USB-28 and a 2ghz  
iMac running 10.5.8.
Whenever I try to dock my emate I get the same error message: "the  
connection was stopped because there was no response."
I've installed the Keyspan drivers and changed the network settings  
for the Keypsan to Null Modem, 9600 bps.
I've tried using NewTen, NCX, NewSync and Escales- nothing seems to  
Is it possible that the cable is bad? Or that my emate's serial port  
is dead?
If any one has any advice, I would really appreciate it!

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