[NTLK] Newton + Wireless + E5830 = Mobile Email & Blogging...

Tony Douglas tonyisyourpal at netscape.net
Tue Feb 2 08:42:48 EST 2010

 Hi Andy,

I can certainly have a look back through the various setup pages andpost a note on what needed done - although most of the awkward workwent on on the E5830 rather than the Newt :)


- Tony


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That is fantastic - well done, a great development indeed, albeit a bit 
unreliable but hey, you did it.

Would you be willing to put up step by step details of how you got this 
working. I believe there would be many interested parties in the 
detailed set up.

Thank you.


Tony Douglas wrote:
> Hi,
> I mentioned yesterday I had got a Huawei E5830 mobile wifi/broadband dongle 
and was planning trying it out with the Newton. Well, it was a success and 
surprisingly straightforward. A blog entry about it is here ==> 
http://tonyisyourpal.blogspot.com/2010/02/and-heres-proof.html - ====

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