[NTLK] [ANN] Patch 71J059 - Year 2010 Fix

Forrest Buffenmyer anasazi4st at me.com
Mon Feb 1 03:22:12 EST 2010

Eckhart (after all you've done for the Newton community I feel as if I should address you as "Mr. Koeppen"):

First off, thanks for all you have ALREADY contributed...any new 2010 patch that might be forthcoming, notwithstanding...!

Without defending his comments, I'm pretty sure James just might not fully understand what all is involved with writing a patch to an Operating System, and have it actually work each and every time and flawlessly without some sort of ridiculous song-and-dance required to compensate...like "plug in the unit, pull out the battery, restart, disconnect the adapter, put the battery back in and plug the adapter back in and press down on the power switch--all at the same time--until it restarts successfully.".

Yes, there's a bug...but that's far better than a brick, which is just about what we would have, otherwise.


On Sunday, January 31, 2010, at 03:18AM, "Eckhart Koeppen" <lists at 40hz.org> wrote:
>On 31.01.2010, at 11:08, James Wages wrote:
>> Today was the first time I restarted my Newton since then.  I was  
>> shocked to
>> see my Newton report Jan. 1, 2008 at 9:00PM upon reboot!  Today is  
>> January
>> 31, 2010 (and I did it at 10:25AM).  So clearly this patch is not  
>> doing its
>> job after all.
>without wanting to sound too harsh, I think you seriously need to  
>adjust your expectations. Creating the patch is *insanely complex and  
>time consuming*, and a little more respect for what I was able to  
>achieve with great help from Paul Guyot and Jonathan Kipling Knight  
>so far is for sure in order. If it were not for the patch, you would  
>not be able to use your Newton *at all* anymore without jumping  
>through a lot of hoops.
>The bug of the time being lost after a reset will persist until I fix  
>it. Complaining how the patch is not perfect is in no way motivating  
>me. The numerous mails and donations from the Newton community  
>however are great, and I want to thank again everybody who has  
>supported me.

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