[NTLK] Article and First Hand reminiscence

Stephan Weber ashkelon at gmail.com
Mon Dec 27 14:27:12 EST 2010

Thanks for posting the article, and thanks Maurice Sharp for the additional
insight. That's fascinating! I'm a developer whose primary focus is not so
much software any longer, but more what processes and mindsets go into
creating great products, and how (or even IF) those processes can be
codified and reused.

Shouldn't surprise anyone that I was involved in agile methodologies from
the beginning and am still most intently interested in collaborative
creative design. I've been programming almost since I could walk (Dad was a
systems designer and later did field implementation for Bell Labs and
Western Electric).

So I'm always interested in innovative products, especially skunkworks, and
how they made it from inception to in this case the machine that I just held
in my hand.

I just loaded NewtonScript on my machine with Dual Quad i7's, alongside
Java, Python, Perl and C#. :D

The Masters don't give orders;
they work with everybody else.
When the job's done,
people are amazed
at what they accomplished.

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