[NTLK] Thanks Woody!

Stephan Weber ashkelon at gmail.com
Wed Dec 22 13:14:04 EST 2010

Brain wipe and then reload from a backup of the old Newt worked perfectly --
diddled a few settings, moved the new one into the leather case and done.

Thanks for the heads up. The first time I tried that, it wouldn't boot
after. This time, after sitting without power for 3 year, it worked like a

I'm really excited about using this new Newton, it's much easier to read,
and the screen is unscratched (and will stay that way!

I do think, however, I would like to replace the back light on the old one.
Good experience plus one of my friends had the back light replaced years ago
on his (someone on the list did it for him) and his has a rather bright blue
light that is much easier to read than the green (at least to my eyes).

I'm still using my original eMates (both hinge repaired and converted to
rechargeable batteries) and my two upgraded 2100's, and the initial
investment in each was less than $15, I'm very lucky.

Three years ago I moved to using a netbook, and although syncing was a
dream, I always missed the instant-on readiness of the Newton and the
wonderful ink, at which point it rivals the ease of a memo book. If I can
only get sync going again (primarily for backups) I'll be happy.

I'm also looking for a reasonably cheap modem card. I have one, but would
like a spare, and recommendations on ISPs.

I had a funny story about the eMate. I was in the local organic market and
deli, taking notes on the eMate. It always gets looks -- it is pretty and
stylish and catches people's eye.

A man came up and looked closely at it, turned to the woman he was with and
said, "It's a 'No Child Left Behind' computer." ROFL!

I told him what it really is, let his companion play with the handwriting
and look at my recipes, told him it gets 5 or 6 DAYS on a 4-AA charge, and
can connect to the internet for mail and some browsing. And he was huffy
that it was ever left as a dead-end product

The Masters don't give orders;
they work with everybody else.
When the job's done,
people are amazed
at what they accomplished.

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