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>On Dec 21, 2010, at 5:58 PM, Forrest Buffenmyer wrote:
>> I've completed the LINKS page on the Newton Phoenix website... and
>> invite all to check it out and provide feedback as to additions,
>> omissions and possible clarifications.
>It's a great list, Forrest.
>One suggestion ... can you please change the default font from 'Tahoma  
>Bold' to plain 'Tahoma'? The bright emboldened text on the black  
>background is blurry and incredibly hard to read at a glance.
>Before: http://cl.ly/3jao
>After:  http://cl.ly/3jXk

Thanks for the feedback. That's weird...I checked the site on both a Mac and a Windows machine...on the Mac it looks like the first one (the present version)...on a Windows machine it looks like the *second* picture. So...I erred on the side of caution and chose Bold. I'll admit that it seems kind of hard to read on my Mac...but I don't look at the finished pages all that much.

I'll try the standard Tahoma and see how that goes. 

>> One question (potentially asked before and I didn't see it so excuse  
>> me if
>> that's the case) is if there will be a Newt-friendly version of the  
>> page.
>The current version of the site could be Newton friendly if it wasn't  
>wrapped in a frameset.

I'll look into this as well...I'd like the site to be Newton-friendly. Along those lines--I'm working on attempting some email posting from the Newton, which I can't do with iWeb and this current setup. I'm thinking of moving it to where I have another weblog...I can email my posts from the Newton to that one. (I'd love to use nBlog but can't get it to work with LiveJournal [nor even Blogger!], where I just started an account for that purpose. Hmmpf.)

Right now I can email postings to this other site from *one* MP2100, but not the *other*...particularly galling as the second is a clone of the first one. I've checked and double-checked all the settings on the second machine, even deleted my Mail V profiles (and even Mail V and Pop!) and reconfigured/reinstalled them. I don't get it...everything should be identical--obviously, something isn't. I'm open to suggestions...?


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