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Hello Forrest,

There were only 25 boards for pre-order prices, this is not many and 
about a week elapsed since the sale started.  To be honest, im surprised 
it took as long as it did.

www.newtonsales.com has been updated so that you can now order the board 
directly from there if you are still interested in a board.

There are 2 cables coming from the Newton, one is a power cord and the 
other is the USB cable.  Better imagery of the board as well as a better 
video will be coming soon.

If anyone has any questions about the board or its operation, please 
forward them to my email or post on the list.

Merry Christmas Everyone,

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Without saying anything about the quality of the finished product or implying anything at all negative, just making this statement....

It's a little surprising to me that all of the pre-orders have sold out this quickly...as Berthe suggested:

"I downloaded and watched the movie.
It would be very useful, KnowledgeNavigator, if you filmed the actual
plugging in of the two connectors, with no other leads in the
I realize that it will need a friend with two more hands, as
Christian suggests."

I personally would not buy anything that I couldn't at least see...I'd be curious to at least be able to view the connection to the Newton (not visible in the video)--and the board itself (also not present in the video). And by view, I mean--not the shaky quick camerawork evident, but a longer several-second hold-the-camera-steady-while-I-examine-it. (Of course, I could always pause it--point taken.)

Were it not for the inability to view either the connection or the actual board...I likely would have purchased at least two of them. I thought about it...but I'm not interested in what I can't look at--even a picture of both might have been okay. But...that could just be me. It did sell out, so maybe I'm out of line here.


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