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Fri Dec 17 06:12:37 EST 2010

~~~ On 2010/12/16 22:01, Frank Gruendel at newtontalk at pda-soft.de wrote ~~~

>> All were fine. However, I second Tony's comment about the text could be
>> a little darker.
> I cannot make it any darker. It is black already. But I could make it bold.
> Do y'all think that this
> <http://www.pda-soft.de/en/hardware/emate/ematecable/ematecableboldfont.html>
> would be better than this?
> <http://www.pda-soft.de/en/hardware/emate/ematecable/ematecable.html>
> Or would you prefer an altogether different font? It must be one that is part
> of the standard installation of Mac OS, Windows and the misc. Linux
> flavours....

Personally I like the font you're using.  It's nice and clear.  I'm afraid
that unlike some here, I'm not a great fan of sans serif fonts.  And for me
the bold works better.

This comes down to needing more contrast of some kind, Frank.  In my case,
it's because of ageing eyes; I just find more and more web pages make me
squint and struggle.  If others are having the same trouble for whatever
reason, we're talking about increasing contrast, and the only other way I
can think of to do that would be to lighten the background slightly if
possible.  Trouble is, it's nice the way it is.



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