[NTLK] Please check out this page, it'll be the the template for all other pages...

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>Subject: [NTLK] Please check out this page,	it'll be the the template for all other pages...
>Hi gang,
>the following page is the result of a very hard fight against all kinds of browsers that took months
>to win:
>	<http://www.pda-soft.de/en/hardware/emate/ematecable/ematecable.html>
>I'm planning on using this page as a template for rewriting all other pages on my site. This will
>significantly improve accessibility because zoom will work much better and text will be more
>readable even without zoom. Also, the pages will be much smaller and thus load much faster. They
>will no longer use frames or tables. Instead they'll make heavy use of CSS.
>This page validates OK when checked for CSS and HTML validity at W3C, so any problem wouldn't be my
>fault, but the browsers'... 
>I would appreciate it very much if you could test it as thoroughly as possible with as many
>different browsers as possible. You needn't test it with the following browsers because I already
>did it:
>Internet Explorer 6 (PC)
>Internet Explorer 7 (PC)
>Internet Explorer 8 (PC)
>Latest Firefox version (PC)
>Latest Opera version (PC)
>Latest Chrome version (PC)
>Latest Firefox version (Mac)
>Latest Opera version (Mac)
>Latest Safari version (Mac)


Excellent job! It even rendered well on my BlackBerry...which is really saying something, as nothing seems to show up well on there. No comments on spelling or grammar, all top notch...that's why yours is one of best sites around, because you make the effort to have it be that way.


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