[NTLK] Pen computing in field environments

Lloyd Conway ssgconway at juno.com
Tue Dec 14 11:59:43 EST 2010

      Our Newtons have a distinct advantage over other PDAs in that they 
have HWR and are pen computers.  (By way of comparison, my iPod Touch 
and my wife's iPad do many things well, but smudgy fingerprints on a 
keyboard are not an endearing trait, and using an aftermarket stylus 
only partially alleviates the problem.)
      We are not alone, however, in valuing pen computing:  The link 
below is to a spec sheet for DRM Systems' JV-5, a field computer they 
developed for the Army.  You can distinctly see the stylus in the hand 
of the soldier in the picture.  The JV-5 also has a touchscreen, but 
soldiers often are gloved in field environments, rendering iPad-style 
touchscreen uses impractical.  I don't know if this device has HWR, but 
it would have to be within the realm of possibility, since the JV-5 
comes recognizes stylus input.
     I share this in the hope that Newtontalk readers may find it of 
-Lloyd Conway
  Charlotte, Michigan


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