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On Saturday, December 4, 2010 at 6:33 pm Gary Dunn wrote:
mum > 
> I would like to use my Newtons more but battery issues get in the way. I
> have had repeated problems with corroded battery contacts. When I
> finally get one to wake up I have to run though the date/time set
> drill. 
> Have I reached the point where I should take one apart?

You said you thought "battery corrosion" was your problem...is it visible on the battery? Or can you see it if you peek inside the Newton'a battery compartment?

There's basically 2 kinds of battery packs you could be using--alkaline and NiMH. Of these, the latter could either be the original one or a recelled version. Up until recently I would have told you that there would be no way that the original would still be any good, after at least 13 years...most likely on one end there's signs of corrosion visible around the small round disc.
(I say, "up until recently", because not long ago I won an eBay auction for an MP2100 that included the original NiMH battery pack...that to my amazement not only took a charge, but held it--in fact, I'm using it in this MP2100 on which I'm writing this. There's more on all this at http://www.newtonphoenix.org .)

I suggest (obviously) replacing any corraded batteries...it would also be a good idea to expose the contacts inside the battery compartment to check them for signs of corrosion as well. Frank Greundel's excellent site at http://www.pda-soft.de/2x00_disassemble.html is a big help with disassembly...there's also http://www.ifixit.com/Teardown/Apple-Tablet-Teardown/2153/2. This last choice is great if you just need large pictures to look at (like you've done this a time or two before).

Use household vinegar to clean the contacts...apply with a cotton swab until the foaming stops, then carefully apply water--also on a swab--to "rinse" it off.

That should fix the problem...also, closely examine the entire contacts assembly, sometimes there's bluish corrosion pther places beside the just the metal contacts.

Let us know bow (or if) this helped.

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