[NTLK] Updating the Newton OS of an Original MessagePad

Riccardo Mori rick at newted.org
Sun Dec 5 07:11:02 EST 2010

Lesson learnt: never operate when weary and at dead of night.

quoth I:

> Thanks to [you know who you are], I'm a very proud owner of an Original MessagePad. I've received the unit with what I suppose is a default factory installation as it came out in 1993. So, it comes with NOS 1.04, which I wanted to update to the latest possible version on an OMP. (By the way, is that NOS 1.11 or is it possible to install NOS 1.3 on this model?)
> [...]
> I expected the Newton to self-reboot, as an MP2x00 would do with a system update, but instead nothing happened. I pushed the reset button, but the OMP just rebooted in NOS 1.04.
> What am I missing?

The answer is simple, and I report here in case someone out there makes the same mistake/assumption as I did. A brief visit to the Newton FAQ resolved my issue, specifically this bit: <http://www.splorp.com/newton/faq/newton-faq-nos.html#IIIA2>

As you can read there, NOS 1.05 is the most recent system update for my Newton model, and it is actually more recent than the 1.11 I was trying to install. Silly, newbie mistake from my part, but in my defence I'll say I've never handled pre-NOS 2.x Newtons, so it was a bit of an uncharted territory for me.

Now that I have an updated OMP, I'll search the list archives for software suggestions for 1.x devices, but if you NOS 1.x owners have some advice, fire away. I really love the OMP's form factor and I would like to put it to good use, carrying it around instead of the MP2100 when I want to move light. (By the way, it's a pity the OMP doesn't have a backlit screen -- I find the surface to be more reflective than the MP2x00 and eMate's, and I often hunt for good lighting to properly write/draw on it).

Have a good Sunday!

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