[NTLK] Thinking of giving it all up

Forrest Buffenmyer newtonphoenix at mindspring.com
Fri Dec 3 02:00:00 EST 2010

On Wednesday, December 1, 2010 at 12:07 pm Lord Groundhog wrote:

> ~~~ On 2010/12/01 18:12, pmiker at copper.net at pmiker at copper.net wrote ~~~
>> ... But back to my original problem, why should I keep it if I can't find a
>> need for it?
> The sheer pleasure?
> I have to say, as practical as I find my Newt, even if I retire I'll still
> be using it, just because ...
> Try writing with it -- poetry or prose, notes to things or whatever?  Maybe
> take up another hobby and use your Newton to keep track of it?
> And your wife's idea about the hobby side of things is a good one.
> HOW ABOUT ...learning to program for the Newton and getting involved in one
> of the projects folks have going here?

Agreed...I really wish I had a better use for mine as well. When I was traveling I had appointments to make, phone numbers of hotels and those reservations to keep track of, mileage to record, and so on. Now I'm at a desk all day and have none of those things. *sigh*

HOWEVER...I must also agree with Christian. I believe that there will be Very Good Things coming soon from those Out There that are working on developing software for the Newton. If I had the time I'd learn how and try it.

I wouldn't give up just yet

"Newton, come here...I need you." --Alexander MessagePad Bell
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