Re: [NTLK] [OT] Is this a video card problem?

From: Jon Glass <>
Date: Tue Mar 31 2009 - 06:28:17 EDT

On Tue, Mar 31, 2009 at 11:59 AM, Ian P. Currie <> wrote:
> Any ideas better than re-installing?
Well, there are some things one could try from a command-line/console
boot, but it's not something I am up to walking someone else through
on. Can your PowerBook boot into OS 9? Does it have it installed? If
so, that might be more useful that the command line. What you are
looking for is preference files (plists) in the root level Library and
User Library that are related to display--color sync profiles, even.
You want to move those out of the preferences folders, and reboot into
X to see if that fixes it.

If you are forced to reinstall, try doing an archive and install. At
least this way, you might be able to rescue your user stuff from your
user Library folder.

But think hard. What did you do right before the screen hosed? Is it
possible you can undo that from an OS 9 boot?

I know this sounds like a shotgun approach, but that's all I have to
offer. Maybe something I said will spur someone else. ;-) sorry I
can't offer more.

 -Jon Glass
Krakow, Poland
"I don't believe in philosophies. I believe in fundamentals." --Jack Nicklaus
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