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Date: Mon Mar 30 2009 - 08:45:16 EDT

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Hiya -
Several years ago, I was considering buying PCBman's SER-001 port
bypass board, but never got around to it. So now, naturally, the
connection port seems to be having trouble maintaining a connection...

This got me to thinking about some advice I WANT to give, but wanted to
confirm with the hardware experts here.

Like the ribbon display cable on the E-mate EVENTUALLY goes out, so does
the connection port on the Newton. It is not a matter of if, but when.

My dad spent hours lovingly resoldering that little connector back on.
Wow, what a feat. The thing I noticed was that the connector was held
on by cheap plastic rivets which eventually come loose, and then the
damage hits on the board.

As a preventive measure, what do you guys think of taking the Newton
apart, carefully drilling out those plastic rivets, and re-riveting them
with small metal rivets?

Do they make rivets in home kits that small?


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