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Date: Sat Mar 28 2009 - 17:58:06 EDT

Hi Jeremy,

I'm one of the people who has exported notes with sketches successfully
in the past.

Then, I used NCU. My notes were engineering class notes, with a mixture
of text, ink text, shapes, and sketches, and the relative positioning
of each was important.

The one thing you have not indicated in your tests: what program were
you using to open the .rtf file on the computer?

TextEdit, for example, does RTF - to a point. It won't show images
within rtf files, which means that your newton sketches won't show up.
I have encountered this before personally and on the list. It's
particularly annoying because it's the default program for .rtf files.

Unfortunately, apple's text engine is limited, and the Pages RTF
support is inadequate. (Pages may be able to read the images, but I
can't test that as I don't have Pages.) Also, apple has moved toward
the rtfd (package) file format for rtf files with images, where the
newton produces rtf files with the image data embedded.

I hate to say it, but MS Word is probably your best bet for opening rtf
files with images.


On Sat, 28 Mar 2009 17:12:26 -0400, Jeremy O'Brien wrote:
> I have explored an immense
> amount of transfer/backup solutions for the newton(s), but have not
> found one that works the way I'd like. My ideal solution would be
> something that allows me to transfer the notes off the messagepad in an
> rtf format (with ink text/drawings etc), as I've read someone was able
> to do with theirs. Here is a list of what I've tried thus far:
> <snip>
> So my question is, how do you guys manage getting your notes off of your
> newtons in a good format?

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