[NTLK] MP2K + eMate + iBook For Sale (UK)

From: DAVID YATES <da.y_at_btopenworld.com>
Date: Fri Mar 20 2009 - 10:47:28 EDT


After a good long think, I've made a decision to completely disorganise my life, sell my newton stuff and go back to writing on scraps of paper (then losing them hopefully). So before I offer them up unto eBay I'd like to know if anyone here will give them a good home. Happy to send loads of photos for anyone interested. Will sell cheaper as a bundle though willing to sell separately. Offers please!

For sale:

MP2K, good condition, backlight working, screen surface has VERY light marks, AA battery tray. One of the card slot covers went missing in action a while back - a 4mb card has a permenant home in there now. Original stylus.

Padded black Eurohike bag with shoulder strap - perfect fit for MP2K

Apple Newton keyboard + dongle + soft case, good condition

eMate 300, good condition, re-celled battery done a couple of years back, hinge fix done, lovely screen and back light. Original stylus.
+ couple of CDs

Keyspan twin usb/serial adapter and serial lead

UK Power lead (good for both MP2K and eMate)

I also have my 'clamshell' tangerine iBook (G3/300) for sale. Looking older on the outside but in decent condition and good screen. Battery tired though. Comes with yoyo power lead.



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