Re: [NTLK] GTD and Omnifocus vs. Newton

From: Riccardo Mori <>
Date: Thu Mar 19 2009 - 19:58:24 EDT

Jon Glass wrote:

> ...Otherwise, I used the Newton Notes app for
> my todos. Its hierarchal checklists were my daily soup (pun sort of
> intended). It was great for shopping lists, project lists, and any
> sort of quick organizational outline that required being able to check
> things off. Unbeatable. I still have some lists on my Newton from
> remodeling projects I did over a decade ago. I loved how, as you
> checked sub items off, the main item would be checked off
> automatically, and you could collapse the lists, just showing what you
> needed to see at one time. Maybe some people can keep all that in
> their heads, but I'm too scatter-brained, and need such organizational
> help. The Newton Notes app was my main brain, with ActionNames filling
> in the gaps.

No, wait, I am an absolute fan of the Newton's Note app. And I agree
with you on its tremendous versatility. Together with Works and Alarm
Clock it's the app I use most of the time, and I can take notes on the
go when I need that -- for examples when I visit stores and jot down
bits of information of items I might be interested in. I have a good
memory, but of course I reserve top-priority things to it, like to-
dos ;) For temporary, not crucial infos, I note-take a lot. For my
job, I have to write down lots of infos I'll need later, like glossary
terms. When I'm on a translation project which requires collecting
information about a certain technical field and terminology
(electronics, IT security, audio/video editing, clothing and fashion
articles, photography, pharmaceutics, semiotics, etc.), the Notes app
is fantastic at helping me build small glossaries I can return to and
expand when I have to work on a project of the same field later.

As you say, for any sort of quick organisational outline, Notes is
exceptional. It all feels very natural and 'in-the-workflow', so to


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