Re: [NTLK] Wifi Cards and Browsers

From: Sonny Hung <>
Date: Tue Mar 17 2009 - 09:32:05 EDT

On Tue, Mar 17, 2009 at 5:19 AM, Ryan Vetter <>wrote:
> Thanks Sonny. What I am going to do is trial and error, and I have noted
> your info about the shell around the case inside.
> I don't think the antenna has to be that long actually, unless you really
> need the distance. I guess it is preference.

No problem Ryan,

Well the Pismo WiFi Antenna come like a 'Y' the left side has a larger thin
metal plate with a longitudinal cut out in the middle.The right has a
smaller thin metal plate with a smaller longitudinal cut out in the middle
which was situated on the top of the right corner.

Personally I'm not sure the exact locations where I'd place the plates or
routing. But if both were used it's get very good reception I'd reckon. The
likely places to install this would be on the back and maybe the front of
the case. But I'd have to check my test unit to see if there really is
enough room/clearance for them. But I ponder too much with no time to do
this ;-P so I leave that to you and the others who have a few spare moments
to tinker.

Hopefully I'm coherent as I lack enough sleep and have a (oh) Quiz tonight
at 7:30pm... I just told someone else it was an exam... hahaha! brain in
mid-glitch, self reboot...

God bless,
Sonny Hung
the Hung Family
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