Re: [NTLK] GTD and Omnifocus vs. Newton

From: newton <>
Date: Mon Mar 16 2009 - 07:19:02 EDT

hi there.

very interesting to see how different project- and personal management
were done. after testing so much tools over the years, i often thought of
kicking the whole stuff away and using plain paper again. including all
the advantages and disadvantages.

just now i'm using a wild mixture of mp2100/moreinfo, devonthink,
filemaker and firstclass server. soon i'm going to kick off firstclass to
reduce the „system“ ;-)
in fact moreinfo is THE solution, i was long time looking for. a total
integration of dates, contacts, todos, notes without switching between
different apps and UIs.

but when it comes down to e-mail, pdf, bookmarks, bills and letters,
bigger weapons were needed. devonthink is perfect for collecting, sorting
and edting large amounts of informations; instant-viewing of bookmarks,
ocr for pdfs without text, auto-sorting and so on. while filemaker is a
fine solution for such low-frequent-developers like me, for building very
individual office-solutions.
and if you want to scribble an spontaneous idea, nothing is cooler than a
sheet of paper and a HB-pencil with eraserhead :-)

perhaps there is another, „soft“ criteria; the joy of working with a tool.
the newton can't beat all the competitors - 2009 - from a technical point
of view. but for me it's the tool of sympathy, humor and individual
approach. this is worth a lot also for me :-)

best regards,

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