Re: [NTLK] GTD and Omnifocus vs. Newton

From: Ryan Vetter <>
Date: Sun Mar 15 2009 - 20:28:00 EDT

Hi Joel:

Good comments. The way I am Viewing GTD is more concerned with using tools to manage your life and business that are not distracting. I am currently using my Newton in lieu of Omnifocus or iCal to manage my tasks.

It has to be very simple or I will not use it, which is why I use the Newton. For large complex jobs/projects, what ever people are calling projects these days, a PM app is a must. However, out of all of our projects my business has going, only a few times have we needed them.

For me anyway, work and life come down to doing things in priority, and the Newton aids this better than anything.

Ryan V 
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