Re: [NTLK] NBU, NCK et al: Beware of Windows XP restore points

From: Dan <>
Date: Sat Mar 14 2009 - 23:13:31 EDT

I did know you could get a hold of such a tool and I am sure I have one
around here. But have never had such a problem with restore points
totally corrupting the passwords. I have done many rollbacks but never
had that problem occur.

But I also didn't know that MICROSOFT actually said "here this is how
you erase your passwords". Talk about security (NOT). Really a shame.
   Last time I checked into this (granted it was a few years ago) their
stance was..."sorry you need to reinstall". I guess they got so many
support calls for this problem that they created this tool? And here I
was always told that it was a 'hack' lol (well I am sure the one I have
is a 'hack' that I downloaded in case my customers, or myself, ran into
a password problem).

This just proves that if you want security use True Crypt. That is REAL
security and if you forget your password with that...well too bad no way
to bypass that one lol.


On 3/14/2009 10:51 AM, Frank Gruendel wrote:
> this is slightly longish, and only partially
> Newton-related. Still, I feel that I should post
> this as a warning. People hating Windows will
> consider it yet another reaason why this OS is
> evil. Tek-Ed will probably feel that these
> incidents were entirely my fault.
> ;-)
> Last Thursday I finished repairing the MP120 of a
> fellow list member. The last thing I normally do
> is install the latest OS patch.
> This 120 is a Newton OS 1.3 model, so the Newton
> Connection Utilities, which I normally use for
> this, did not allow this (NCU is OS 2.x only).

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