From: Ryan Vetter <>
Date: Wed Mar 11 2009 - 21:21:54 EDT

Hi Dennis:

I don't have any more beef with him than anyone else, and I agree that we need Newton venders. Knowledge Navigator is free to do as he wishes, and I wish him all the best.

The issue is the fact that he posted to NTLK complaining about an Email I sent him telling him to cease posting links to his business on Newton Knowledge, a site that is not affiliated with NTLK, although NTLK users are contributing to the site's content. I have tried to make it a free and open place where anyone can input information to it, and that I am not going to take credit for most of the site: in fact, I did not even want to post my name on it, and I don't care how people use the information on there.

The point is that my Email to him, and his apparent beef with me should not have been listed on NTLK. Moreover, Knowledge Navigator knew that that Email address belonged to me because, in the past, we have exchanged Emails regarding a couple of MessagePads... after shopping around I bought from another source... much cheaper. So his post to NTLK was simply disruptive and a waste of time for everyone, including me, now that I have to defend myself, whatever that means.

Because of his actions, I put my name on the site to ensure that people don't confuse Newton Knowledge with NTLK. The 'real' issue is that Newton Knowledge is not a place to advertise business, and Navigator was sent an Email regarding this policy. It was that simple, and now he has sort of made it an issue.

And as for me...

I work stupidly long hours at my company, and I have been slaving away on the weekends until 4 am Friday, Saturday and Sunday writing "The Newton MessagePad: Getting up and Running in the New Millenium", as well as putting together other articles that will be posted on Newton Knoweldge. It has eaten up a lot of my time but I can see things coming together, and am excited about it. If it ends up not being useful to anyone else, Getting up and Running and Newton Knowledge will at least serve to guide me when I get too old to remember things.

I hope all this makes sense, and that people understand where I am coming from.

Getting Up and Running should be released this summer... right now it is about 55 pages. I have one more test to do: installing internal wifi into a MessagePad. Sonny has been a big help in this regard. I am fairly confident that that will be successful, and the instructions will, of course, be included in the guide. I have located a few sources for bulk orders of flush wifi cards that are compatible with the Newton, as well as the antennas to complement, because I anticipate that others will want this internal wifi kit as well, but I digress.




"I don't know what your personal beef with him is, but I've had very
satisfactory dealings with him. I only see 1 small informatory message a
month. We currently have someone trying to sell a Newton here for what I
feel is a very high price and has posted MORE than 1 message about it so
based on your "rule" shouldn't that person be reported? However, I don't
recall any rules that said items for sale could not posted so, while I'm
not interested, I hope he is successful in selling it.

We need ALL the Newton vendors out there. So please chill out, there are
more important things to worry about then one measly post per month.

Dennis B. Swaney
"Windows is a command-line OS with a GUI shell while Mac System 10 is 
... oh, never mind."
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