Re: [NTLK] Special ROM card (Frank)

From: Frank Gruendel <>
Date: Tue Mar 10 2009 - 18:58:55 EDT

> Where did you get this nice gear?

Frankly, I do not remember. I have a lot of
prototype stuff that
I bought from list members, eBay and other sources
over the years.

> Do you need a Mac for further exploring?

No. My trusty old PowerMac 8100 is more than
sufficient for
this kind of archaeological research. However,
although this computer
is allowed to spend its retirement at home and
will be lovingly cared
for until it passes, it is no longer integrated in
the computer setup
that I'm working with. It has become, so to say, a
stand-alone machine
dediated to archaelogical research. And since
currently this computer
is lacking a display because this morning I had to
give back the one I
had borrowed for the last couple of days, the
project is on hold for
the time being.

But even if it wasn't, I am afraid there is not
much more I can do
unless I can get my hands on the software that was
used for
this card.

I opened "the other end", i. e. the prototype
Newton, today. It
has 16 HM628512LFP-7N chips on it, which are SRAM
chips. So as
an educated guess I would assume that before the
Newton will power
up, this SRAM chips must be filled with a ROM
image, which will
then be used by the Newton. This is where the
software enters the game.

I dimly remember there used to be some Apple code
word for this
card. Does anyone remember it so that I can google
for more info?



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