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From: Valerio Paris Mitritsakis <>
Date: Tue Mar 10 2009 - 17:16:26 EDT

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Also all this multitouch technology makes gives much more sense to a
tablet. I don't know if it would be a pivot or just a tablet
however I guess they are going that way, at least that's what the
rumors are showing. There has been a lot of speculation about
a larger iPhone, about apps scaling to larger screens etc, etc... I
think now is the time more then ever. They have the app store
set and a large number of developers that would be trivial for them to
make apps for such a device. I also think it would not be
an open device but something along the lines of a bigger iPhone or
iPod touch... I do not think it would have phone capabilities
but it would perfectly make sense to have a 3G mode on it. Just think
of the uses it could have, an ebook reader, a web enabled
tablet, a portable multimedia device with a meaningful screen size,
the potentials are endless also the technology to build such
a device is there, the market for it is there, the app store is there,
the developers are there... So yes, the netbook segment has
been rightfully dismissed as an interesting market for apple. Apple
will not run a race to the bottom, they prefer to define their
own market as they did with the iPod and the iPhone... What I believe
however that will piss off most of the people is that they
will probably lock it down in a draconian way and bind it with some
sort of service contract with some Mobile phone operator
just like they did with the iPhone (if it has 3G on it as in this
case, just like the iPhone, it would not make sense without it).

Ok... Now it's time to finish writing down this crazy thoughts of my
deranged mind :P

On Mar 10, 2009, at 10:39 PM, Ryan Vetter wrote:

> The way I would use such a device:
> 1. Reading reports and RFPs: no more mousing through long RFP PDFs
> with ugly scroll bars
> 2. Reading eBooks
> 3. Extracting information from the web for research (i.e. rifling
> through RFP sources, downloading articles, etc.). Often times very
> little text input is needed, especially since my Automator script
> opens up and logs into the 20+ RFP sources I have. Keyword searches
> on these sources are often less then 15 characters
> 4. Sitting back in a chair and reading RSS Feeds
> 5. Using it in a library (no more leaving your laptop unattended, or
> carrying it with you in an unusable form when going through aisles)
> 6. Traveling (i.e. looking things up in a car)
> 7. Surface computing (interactive presentations with clients, games
> with friends, etc.)
> And when I don't want a tablet, I would simply slide the screen back
> in place to reveal the keyboard. Yes, I am desperate for a device
> like this, and can only hope Apple sees enough utility in it that
> they release it soon.
> Shalom and all the best,
> Ryan

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