Re: [NTLK] Intriguing Error

From: R A Parker <>
Date: Sun Mar 08 2009 - 19:12:01 EDT

On Saturday, March 7, 2009 at 9:13 am Oliver Leaman wrote:

> Greetings from Ankara.
> I have been using my eMate
> here with wifi and it receives
> great but cannot send. I get
> the mysterious error message
> code OC 69751c. Any idea what
> this is? I have never got it
> in the US.

I've seen these errors too, not sure how to reproduce them or why... but I believe these relate to communication with the server. They are non Newton specific errors.

How is your SMTP Server set? Have you tried to change your port by adding adding a :587 on the end of your server's name?

How about your Authentication under "Outgoing" tab? My SMTP needs Authentication set to "Password."

What are you trying to send? Plain text? A ".nwt" Newton attachment?

Hope I can help.


P.S. I'm sending this message from my eMate 300, wirelessly.

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