[NTLK] [ANN] Y2010 Diagnostic

From: Eckhart Köppen <lists_at_40hz.org>
Date: Sun Mar 08 2009 - 11:49:33 EDT


for all of you poor souls haunted by symptoms of the Y2010 bug, I
created a small diagnostic application for first aid purposes, and to
provide some peace of mind before the full fix is ready:


This small application lets you diagnose the content of your soups,
and check which kind of alarms you have set. It should clarify what
exactly might go wrong in the future instead of second guessing and
brain wiping the Newton without proper reason.

There's not much information yet on the page telling what the data
means, but it should be moderately self explanatory. Please post your
findings and questions here on NewtonTalk!

The application allows you also to remove all current alarms. This
functionality modifies your data, so be careful and consider whether
you really want to remove all alarms from your events. If you remove
the alarms by accident, you have to re-enter them manually. You have
been warned!

If you're hit by an infinite alarm loop, you can if you're lucky
launch the Y2010 Diagnostic app and use it to clear the alarms.

One final word regarding the actual fix: I would not keep the Fix2010
installed at this time. I have most of the low level pieces for a
real fix and have used it now for a while, the main missing piece is
what to do with alarms you have still active (the simplest thing is
of course to remove them and then patch the Newton. The overall issue
should be resolved well in time before 2010.


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