[NTLK] 2010 bug utility

From: BobR <newttalk_at_old-sock.co.uk>
Date: Sat Mar 07 2009 - 16:26:15 EST

Since last post, I was looking at why the OS-2 Newt wouldn't let me set a
date of 1910, which would be a useful 2010 workaround.

After pouring over NTK + Inspector output, I decided I needed a new way to
set the calendar, as the Extras Clock was forever getting in the way, and
refusing to go back further than 1990.

Way back, Apple provided DatePic2 as a demo calendar utility. I think its in
the UNNA archive as Views.zip, but I used a Mac version on a Developer CD.
Apple said to use the code in other apps, so I have.
Now on www.old-sock.co.uk/testing is a utility that explores the Newt's
calender. It's called CLOCK2. It's been tested as best I can, but without
using repeating events or alarms.

CLOCK2 stops the OS-2 Newts from hanging around 2010, and it allows setting
the date and time anywhere between 1975 to 2010. It's primarily a utility
that makes it easier to jump around the calender. Programmers looking into
the 2010 bug might find it useful. If I find any serious bugs over the next
week then I will remove it. If anyone with a backed-up Newt wishes to try it
out, I'd be happy to receive any bug reports. Use at own risk.

[NB Repeating alarms can be a danger. I'd recommend turning them all off.
One of my MP130s deleted all its data without warning when I couldn't stop
the constant event reminders. It might be related to having removed all
batteries, and then a fresh start triggered something. Not sure.]

CLOCK2 at:

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