Re: [NTLK] Calendar problem...

From: Joel M. Sciamma <>
Date: Fri Mar 06 2009 - 08:46:26 EST

C.W. Crouch wrote:

> So, I guess none of the experts on the NewtonTalk list have any idea
> as to what's causing this problem?

> Lionello Sacchi <> wrote

>> I own a Newton MP 2000 and I had the 2010 patch installed. At the
>> beginning of the new year I removed the patch due to the problems
>> we all
>> had with it.
>> This morning I think I'm facing a problem that I suppose is
>> from the removed patch. In december I've set an Alarm for a birthday
>> (for tomorrow), and I had set a 24-h warning.
>> Now this morning I fired up my Newton and the popup appeared, but
>> the Newton seems to be in a loop, it chimes continuously...

This just happened to one of my eMates and it took an hour to finally
delete the dates soup entries with the two birthday alerts repeating
every couple of seconds. Nothing else I was able to try would stop
the loop, including soft resets. Fortunately, none of the date data
was of any importance in this instance.

I don't think that the 2010 fix was ever on this machine but I cannot
be sure as I have owned it for more than a decade and it has seen a
lot of packages and cards.

Even after the soup was cleared on internal and card stores, the two
alerts appeared again once each the following day but that seems to
be the end of it - I hope.

Sorry, no explanation for this behaviour but I would suggest making a
backup of the date entries in case this happens to another Newton
device and you have to clear the soup.


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