Re: [NTLK] Emate Battery Rebuild Tips

From: Woody Smith <>
Date: Tue Mar 03 2009 - 20:12:03 EST

I have had best luck when I take the time to use fine sandpaper to
clean all surfaces to be soldered and "tin" each surface with the
lowest temp solder that my local Radio Shack offers including the temp
device you mention.

I connect and test two Batteries lengthwise, then lay them in the
correct orientation and squeeze hot melt glue lengthwise and roll the
pairs together so that the glue goes between them. Now a single wrap
of 2" reinforced plastic tape around the center makes a pretty tight
and rigid pack. Thermistor slides under this tape and the ends
solder fairly quickly, first temp switch and test voltage and finally
red and black wires.
I find that a single wrap of electrical tape that overlaps the paper
end covers, holds the pack together pretty well.
I always remove the spring clips from the battery sleeve before
inserting the pack.
Shrink wrap is a nice professional touch but not necessary for the do
it your selfer.

Be careful of cold solder joints as this can result in poor
performance and failure.


On Mar 3, 2009, at 3:56 PM, Ryan Vetter wrote:

> Hello all:

> -One thing that sort of confused me was the end of the battery: you
> have to sort of gently pry it off intact so it can be reused on the
> end of the new battery pack. This is the charging switch which
> decreases voltage to the battery when the temperature gets too hot,
> as measured by the thermistor. I used a paring knife and just sort
> of "peeled" it away. Unfortunately, the solder I had did not stick
> to the end of the new battery, so I could not solder this on. At
> any rate, I still attached it by wrapping electrical tape very
> tightly over each contact point. I did not wrap the tape around the
> center though, because I left that free to come in contact with the
> cardboard end. I then taped it again after the cardboard end was
> on. I just wanted that part of the assembly to be put together as
> it was on the original, so that is why I ensured the cardboard end
> was attached as such.

> All the best,
> Ryan

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