Re: [NTLK] Microsoft's Future of Computing

From: jg <>
Date: Tue Mar 03 2009 - 17:07:41 EST

Tablet is future for Gates not for Jobs. This is very unfortunate. Jobs
could do more for tablet than Gates.

On the other hand, so called future is (only) faster implementation of all
we already know / have. Future is nothing new, for Gates. It is not an
invasion like Newton was. His future doesn't include HWR or Voice
Recognition! His future is a fast networking, internet by radio. Like Wi-Fi
or Bluetooth. Data collecting for doctors or To-Do lists. E-readers. We have
them all.

I really don't know what they are taking about. They underestimate our
capacity to understand the world. Sometimes I fill like a dinosaur, with my
comments. Accept what they give you, shut up, and be happy.

Recently I decided to make a step backwards and purchased Palm M505. I have
my Newton, Palm and Mac OSX, now. Nice collection. I think.


> From: Ryan Vetter <>
> Hello:
> According to MS, the future is owned by touch screen tablet computers in all
> sizes:
> Ryan

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