Re: [NTLK] Calendar problem after removing 2010 patch

From: C.W. Crouch <>
Date: Mon Mar 02 2009 - 06:27:13 EST

Hullo, all:

Lionello Sacchi <> wrote

> I own a Newton MP 2000 and I had the 2010 patch installed. At the
> beginning of the new year I removed the patch due to the problems
> we all
> had with it.
> This morning I think I'm facing a problem that I suppose is generated
> from the removed patch. In december I've set an Alarm for a birthday
> (for tomorrow), and I had set a 24-h warning.
> Now this morning I fired up my Newton and the popup appeared, but now
> the Newton seems to be in a loop, it chimes continuously, and if I try
> to close the Snooze/delete alarm popup, it closes, but in less than a
> second it pops up again with a chime. It's impossible to stop the wild
> chime/popup activity.
> Now I've removed the battery, trying to reset the internal clock.
> Is anybody facing the same problem?

I recently encountered a similar problem. My MP2000 awoke me quite
literally in the middle of the night, chiming incessantly for future
birthday events. Trying to close the alarm(s) seemed to lead only to
a constant loop of pop-ups ... Finally, still groggy with sleep, I
pulled the Newton's battery and stumbled back to bed.

As a workaround, I have reset my MP's calendar back to 1998, since
the days and dates for 1998 seem to coincide with those for 2009.

I hope the cognoscenti on this list will forgive my ignorance, but is
this crackup related to the infamous Newton 2010 bug? Unlike Mr.
Sacchi above, I _don't_ recall ever installing a patch for this date
problem. Do I need to do so, or is this to be avoided?

With thanks in advance for your wisdom,

Cliff Crouch

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